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About Renoir

Impressionist paintings speak to all those who see them. Paintings by Renoir are no exception. The smooth brush lines blend colors in such a creative way that it makes the painting come to life. The immense attention to detail is amazing. You can see the music notes coming off the piano, and you can see the intensity on the faces of the two girls in “Girls at the Piano”. Feel the joy and wonder of the woman in “The Swing” as she swings in the park with people looking on happily. Hear the music in the square that the dancer’s hear and join in on the fun in the Renoir painting “Dance at Le Moulin”. The bright, fluid colors blend together creating amazing contrasts and a sense of depth within the paintings. Renoir paintings can cost tens of thousands of dollars. Who can afford that? A Renoir print is like having the same beautiful painting hanging in your home for a much more reasonable price. Reliable sellers on eBay sell both paintings and prints to allow anyone to bring such an exquisite Impressionist piece of art into their home.