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About Remy Clip-in Hair Extensions

Your best friend had chin-length, thin hair the last time you saw her, and now she has thick, luxurious locks down to her shoulders. When she finally clues you into her secret, you are amazed that Remy clip-in hair extensions are that easy to use. Remy extensions, prized because they are human hair rather than artificial hair, add both volume and length to your natural hair. The clips attach to your own hair, usually underneath several layers of hair. You can opt for curly extensions, but for a more realistic look, you should use extensions that match your natural texture and then curl all of the hair together. This helps to give your entire head a uniform look, and it blends the extensions into your natural hair more effectively. With the vast selection of Remy clip-in hair extensions available from sellers on eBay, you can find just about any color or texture that you need. Whether you want super long extensions or shorter ones to bulk up your hair, they are all easy to add and to remove whenever you want to change up your look.