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About Remove Before Flight

An important flight safety device, the bright red flag labeled "Remove Before Flight" reminds pilots and grounds crews to make sure the aircraft is ready to fly. Planes have a variety of protective components in use while parked on the ramp or in a hangar. Items such as pitot covers, wheel chocks, cowl plugs, and control locks keep the plane secured on the ground, but pilots or mechanics must remove them before flight. As an extra safety check to prevent pilots from taking off with these devices still installed, pilots and mechanics attach a "Remove Before Flight" flag to the component as a hard-to-miss reminder. Pilots and mechanics can find a wide variety of these safety flags on eBay, suitable for any size or type of aircraft. You can choose a small flag suitable for a pitot cover or a large, conspicuous flag for a propeller lock. These flags come with a variety of connectors or just with a grommet at the end. Flags emblazoned with "Remove Before Flight" are also a great addition to disk brake locks for motorcycles, drag racers, snow machines, and jet skis. Pilots and flying fans can add some unusual attitude to their key chains with a miniature "Remove Before Flight" tag.