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About Remington Bronze

Finely detailed and created with passion for the West, Frederic Remington bronze sculptures are a favorite of ranchers, city dwellers, and presidents. Remington's first piece, "Bronco Buster" — originally named "The Broncho Buster" — is the most recognizable and popular of his sculptures. When the Rough Riders returned from the Spanish-American War in 1898, they presented President Theodore Roosevelt with the bronze statuette. An original cast of the piece has resided in the Oval Office since Lyndon Johnson's administration, and its companion sculpture "Rattlesnake" made several appearances as well. This lifelike bronze sculpture captures a cowboy fighting to stay seated on a bucking bronco. Rearing up on its hind legs, the bronco has shaken the cowboy's right boot out of the stirrup. The cowboy is holding on to the bronco's mane and reins with his left hand, and his right hand is swinging behind him to maintain his seat. Remington's style of isolating the subject from its environment results in a kinetic, energetic quality. Rattlesnake depicts the cowboy trying to control his horse as it recoils from a snake slithering past its rear hooves. Fans of Western sculpture can find a great variety of these and other Frederic Remington bronze sculptures in the large inventory on eBay. The continually changing listings also feature examples of "Coming Through the Rye," "Buffalo Horse," and "Buffalo Signal."