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About Regulator Clocks

Nothing inspires a sense of time like a vintage pendulum clock, ticking away at the foot of the stairs like a wise old grandfather. Pendulum clocks, also called regulator clocks, have a proud and storied history, and few items possess the semantic appeal of a beautiful piece. Regulator clocks are often decorated with intricate carvings, with pillars complete with fancy entablatures lending a sense of refinement to many a Victorian model. Antique regulator clocks are prized collector's items, drawing attention from lovers of fine design and everyday folks. Regulator clocks use a swinging weight to keep time, and due to the property of harmonic oscillation, they do an incredibly precise job of it. You can find many fully functional pieces, as well as regulator clock parts in the large inventory available on eBay. There, an impressive collection of both vintage and new creations can be found offering a wide range of design and style to boot. Regulator clocks continue to be used in Hollywood movies, musicals and ballets like the Nutcracker, and the homes of people all over the nation.