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About Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson has certainly made his mark on American baseball. Though his college scholarship to Arizona State University was actually for his skill in football, Reggie Jackson played many sports growing up including track and field events. College baseball was initially a way to get out of spring football, but his skills there, especially in the post-season, won him the nickname "Mr. October." His star really rose, though, when he achieved three home runs in one World Series game in 1977, the most ever by one player. Whatever you are looking for to remind you of this great athlete and his many awesome performances, whether a jersey or a signed photo, you are sure to find it from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. Having played on several teams throughout his career, including the Athletics, the Orioles, the Yankees, and the Angels, he certainly became beloved throughout the country. Grab something that reminds you of whatever part of his journey most inspires you.