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About Refrigerator Shelves

As you stack your leftover chicken on top of last night's pasta, on top of the fruit salad from a few days ago, you think that your refrigerator is a disaster waiting to happen. If this precarious stack of containers makes you nervous, you need another refrigerator shelf. There is no reason to settle for the shelving that came with the unit, if it is not quite working with your lifestyle. To be sure that you get the shelf with the best fit, search by brand. If you have a GE unit, for example, look for a GE refrigerator shelf. Do not limit yourself to standard shelves, either. If you have too many condiments, look for an additional refrigerator door shelf. Search on eBay for the right refrigerator shelf. Reliable sellers on eBay have a large inventory of both new and used shelves. With some extra shelves in there, you do not have to brace for disaster every time you open the refrigerator door.