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About Reflectors

Take a moment and reflect on reflectors. They're actually pretty useful; their purpose is to throw back light at something, which if you're sporting a bicycle reflector in the dark can really help drivers distinguish you from the non-living shadows on the road (and you can choose from LED reflector lights, to the basic reflector tape), which in certain circumstances can be a literal life saver. If you're a budding (or established) photographer, then you'll know that having photography reflectors can really add light to a subject (and collapsible reflectors are quite handy if you're on the go)—especially useful if you're into portraits, or even if you produce images for advertising purposes. While photographic reflectors might not save your life, they are pretty darn essential for getting those quality shots. Reliable sellers on eBay have a wide choice of reflective equipment to suit whatever pastime you're involved in. Reflect yourself and ensure that what needs to be seen—is seen.