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About Referee Shirt

Whistling down the thief on the court becomes an easier task with the right gear. For football, soccer, and basketball, among other sports, the referee shirt has become the universal symbol of authority to call plays and penalties against the players. Because of their comfort and standout design, these shirts have also become common targets for Halloween costumes. Rawlings, Smittys, and Don Alleson specialize in designing the zebra pinstripe shirts, many of which feature sweat-wicking material for extra comfort. There are several brands that also offer women's referee shirts. These shirts offer a more flattering look for women as they boast a female cut and style. Referee shirts of all sizes and styles, including those with pockets and collars, are available on eBay. Trusted sellers offer a variety of items for sale, which makes it easy to find exactly for what you may be looking. Because of this, it has never been easier to get your hands on a referee shirt to call the big game or organize the biggest party during Halloween.

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