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About Reese Hitch

You love being a weekend warrior, but you hate the hassle of dealing with the camper. A Reese hitch can make the process easier so it is no longer a pain to do. Known for its heavy-duty towing, these hitches are perfect for hauling whatever you need no matter if it is a camper, livestock, or a trailer full of scrap metal. The Reese 5th wheel hitch has everything a driver needs and keeps both you and your cargo safe. Its weight distribution system reduces sway and the side-by-side pivot action makes hookups easier than ever before, even on uneven ground. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can browse the different styles and sizes to find the right Reese tow hitch for your hauling needs. If your towing needs are big, the 25K Elite series maybe ideal. With a carry weight of up to 6250 pounds and a distribution weight of over 25000 pounds, there is nothing you can not tow. It features a wide footprint for complete stability and a self-locking jaw for increased safety. No matter what you are hauling, a Reese hitch can help you get it there safely.