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About Reel Cover

You finished the last day of fishing season and it's time to put away the gear for another few months. If you want to come back next season to find your gear still up to par, you'll need a reel cover for your line. Fortunately, eBay’s reliable sellers bring tons of new and used options to the table. Spinning reel covers are a basic requirement for stopping wear and tear on your gear, not only in the basement but also on the trips to and from the lake. Tough neoprene covers protect the line and reel mechanisms, even if jarring hits and water corrosion pose a risk to your gear. Brands like Shimano and Penn reel covers can seal shut over the line, with or without the reel. Nobody likes having to purchase a brand new reel every season, and you don't have to with a reel cover. Find the perfect fit for your lines on eBay and enjoy many more years with your beloved favorite fishing line.

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