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About Red Jasper

It?s amazing to see all the different kinds of stones you can find when you?re digging around under the Earth?s surface. Red jasper is just one of the beautiful gems that people have unearthed. In its rough form, this stone looks a big hunk of red and black rock. But when it is polished, cut, and set in a ring or a pendant, its real beauty shines through. Due to the veining that runs through the stones, each one has its own unique pattern?no two jasper gemstones are alike. Red jasper comes in a wide variety of colors and is believed to have healing properties. By placing strands of red jasper beads you found on eBay around your home, it is believed that they ward off things that aren?t good for you and they relieve emotional stresses. It is also believed that the stone can protect you from things you fear at night. If that is true, instead of giving your child a nightlight, give them a red jasper necklace to hang on their bedpost to ward away the creepy crawlies that go bump in the night.