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About Red Coral

Hundreds of feet below the surface of the sea grows a strand of red coral, its glorious color hidden by the dark watery depths surrounding it. Even in its natural state the bony coral has a burgundy sheen, but only upon polishing does it reveal its true brilliant hue beloved by jewelry enthusiasts. Natural red coral is actually the skeletal remains of coral polyps that grow slowly, inch by inch, until they reach great heights. Some jewelry pieces preserve the natural shape of the corals while others carve them into beads. A red coral necklace, for example, uses polished coral beads delicately molded and shaped until they link together perfectly. Search for red coral on eBay to find an immense selection of jewelry products offered by reliable sellers all around the world. There is a good selection of new pieces and a massive collection of used ones that can fit any budget. Purchase a single piece or matching jewelry sets and wear them together to make a big impression.