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About Record Sleeves

You excitedly return from the local swap meet with a huge box of old 78s and 45s under one arm, and you immediately start to search through your haul for the buried treasures. Your heart sinks as you realize that, while the records appear to be in good shape, many of them are not going to stay that way for long, as several of the record sleeves are missing or badly damaged. If you are a collector of vinyl records, it is essential to have a stock of record inner sleeves to help keep all of your prized possessions in perfect condition. Once you have your vinyl safely inside paper wrappers, you can put them in plastic record sleeves to ensure they remain free of dust and scratches. You can get all of the plastic and paper sleeves you need and even original replacement covers for classic albums from the reliable sellers on eBay. When you invest in record sleeves, you get all the pop without the crackle.