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About Record Cases

Remember poodle skirts, bobby socks, saddle oxford shoes, and squealing over a record case holding the sounds of Bobby Darin or Fabian? The 45 record case or LP record case reigns clearly has a place in your nostalgia as well. You might be reliving the times of the elephant trunk or ducktail hairstyles and rolled up white t-shirt sleeves, but the record case still makes its appearance. The reliable sellers on eBay offer those used retro styles from the past as well as new modern versions for your record collection storage needs. Carrying cases or storage boxes in vintage styles and patterns are a fun way to protect your prized recordings. From the faux leather to the psychedelic, a storage container for the retro music that you love meets your tastes precisely. Bring out your Elvis discs, dust off the hi-fi or stereo turntable, and dance the pony like nobody is watching.