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About Record Boxes

While digital media may be the predominate force in music, the MP3 format offers a sub-par quality to the vinyl format. While people may load up their iPods and mobile devices with songs, they are purchasing more vinyl than ever. If you are one of the new connoisseurs of this old-school music format, you are going to need a good record box to safely secure your collection. Take a look at the wide record box selection available on eBay for a beautiful and practical way to store your favorite music. For a stylish approach to a record storage box, the Vintage 45 RPM All Metal box features a lucite handle and a metal lock to safely secure your records. It comes with a red top and a white bottom, with visible signs of wear that add to its character. If you have so many albums that you are looking to sell them, eBay also offers a wide selection of record shipping boxes that allow your items to travel safely around the country. These shipping boxes measure 12.5 x 12.5 and fit most LP records with a specialized mailing insert.