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About Recipes

You suddenly have a craving for your late grandmother's famous, rich chocolate cake with luscious chocolate buttercream frosting, but then you realize that you have no clue where you put the recipe she handed down to you. Save yourself some frustration and ensure that you always have your most favorite recipes on hand with a Longaberger recipe basket. This basket is available in a variety of sizes and comes lined with fabric. Organize and protect your handwritten recipes so that you always know exactly where they are. On eBay, reliable sellers offer the Longaberger recipe basket, and you can also find a new and used recipe organizer. Choose from a wooden recipe card organizer, a Hallmark recipe organizer, recipe binders, plastic recipe boxes, and recipe books. With all of your recipe cards and your handy little recipe organizer, you will be all set to show off your astonishing cooking talents, or at the very least, you can pretend to be a chef.