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Shop the extensive inventory of multi-purpose batteries and power supply items as well as general purpose battery chargers!

About Rechargeable Battery Chargers

Frustrated, you gather up all of the dead batteries that you have found in the toys and remote controls around the house, having failed to find two that work. As you throw them in the trash, you realize that a rechargeable battery charger would reduce the cost of replacing all of those spent batteries. You can stop buying single use batteries, and purchase rechargeable versions instead. To be sure that you can recharge every size and voltage battery that you use in your house, it is probably best to purchase a universal rechargeable battery charger. Buying spare sets of batteries also ensures that you have some that are charged and ready to go next time the ones in the TV remote are flat. You can find a rechargeable batteries and charger bundle, so you get everything you need in one purchase. All of the cells, as well as the rechargeable battery charger are conveniently available on eBay, making it easy to switch all of the toys and remote controls at the same time.