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About Reborn Preemies

Carefully handcrafted and lifelike, reborn preemies are popular with people who love baby dolls that look incredibly realistic, to the extent that passersby often think they are real. In some cases, well-meaning individuals have called the police to report that a baby is unattended inside a car on a hot day, only to realize it is not actually a living human. Explore the vast inventory on eBay and find tiny, adorable dolls to select as your own. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, dive headfirst into an unusual but gratifying hobby, and get a kit that allows you to make your own reborn dolls, either to keep for yourself or to make available for fellow enthusiasts to enjoy. Some kits come with all the major components, so all you need to do is put them together and paint on the facial details. Alternatively, find a darling premature baby boy reborn doll that features a glowing, dewy skin tone thanks to application of several layers of heat-set paints. Some dolls also have weights spread throughout the body, making them feel remarkably like human forms when you pick them up. Choose some reborn preemies and discover the joy of making and owning dolls that look like they can start moving on their own at any moment.