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About Rebecca Taylor

You swear you are a Rebecca Taylor fan. You love everything in her line of clothing and know every season is going to offer something even more magical than the last. Did you know that she was born in New Zealand? She studied fashion design at Wellington Polytechnic and arrived in New York City after her graduation with just $600 to her name. She turned that money into an incredible empire, including one with a 2003 profit of more than $12 million. As a dedicated fan of her work, you have the very latest in Rebecca Taylor pants. You have that popular Rebecca Taylor dress, or 10 of them, and cherish them all. As a diehard fan of her work, you may even own a fur from this designer line of clothing. When you are this passionate about Rebecca Taylor, you know there is no limit to the items you could buy from the reliable sellers on eBay. Of course, you could dress from head to toe in RT and look fabulous.