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About Rear Window Spoiler

If you want to add sporty style to your vehicle, one of the easiest ways to do so is to install a rear window spoiler. Providing sleek, aerodynamic style and available for countless makes and models, the rear spoiler instantly imparts a custom look. These spoilers mount easily to the top of your rear window, and are often made of carbon fiber, polyurethane, acrylic, plastic, or fiberglass material. No matter its fabrication, your spoiler is made to withstand any weather and normal wear and tear from daily driving. Visor spoilers even function to deflect the rain off of your back window, improving your visibility in inclement weather. Most spoilers attach easily with high-quality double-sided tape, and no drilling or intrusive installation is required. Choose a color in contrast to your vehicle's design for a unique look that stands out, or opt for a spoiler that you can paint to an exact match for a seamless look. If you are ready to improve the aerodynamics and aesthetics of your car, find your rear window spoiler available in the vast inventory on eBay.