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About Rear Struts

Remember when your car's rear shocks and springs were separate? Rear struts combine springs and shocks into one unit in order to do the same job that required both in the old double wishbone suspension system. The way it works is that the strut features a shock absorber inside the coil of a spring. The spring supports the weight of the car, while the shock absorber controls how fast the spring moves. It's a damper. Because wheels move independently, uneven surfaces can put more stress on one side of the vehicle than the other, causing the chassis to flex. A rear strut bar locks the strut towers together into a single unit, so the chassis does not flex because of unbalanced forces. Reliable eBay sellers list everything from new and used Subaru struts to Mercedes options. Your suspension is what keeps you up off the road, and keeps your teeth from rattling out of your head on gravel. Don't you think it's time to let everyone watch you strut?