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About Rear Brake Calipers

A race car hurtling down the track at speeds of over 100 mph needs brakes strong enough to stop a vehicle that easily weighs over a ton. This is where the massive rear brake calipers come in. They halt the car in its tracks ? well, almost. The calipers clench down over the brake rotors to slow the vehicle and are arguably one of the most important components of the brake system. Sellers on eBay carry rear brake calipers in new and used condition for a variety of cars and trucks. There are even parts designed for heavy-duty motorcycles, such as Harley rear brake calipers. Those who need extra strength when it comes to brakes can peruse a superior selection of aftermarket parts made by top quality companies. Polaris and Brembo rear brake calipers are both from trusted brands. It is just as important to keep the calipers in good condition as it is the brake pads and rotors in order to stop safely after crossing the finish line.