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About Realistic Masks

Add some extra excitement to your next party with the help of a realistic mask. Become unknown to your friends and have some fun with pranks in an old man mask — all you need to do is perfect your old grumpy voice. If you are looking to put a little scare into the experience, opt for a realistic latex mask with horns and veins that pop out of the skin or one that looks like an alien with huge bugged-out eyes. Realistic silicone masks fit over your head and shoulders like a second layer of skin, so that you are not easily identifiable until, or unless, you want to be. Most latex and silicone masks consist of nontoxic rip-stop material, ensuring optimal performance for many years to come. While some masks come with hair embedded in them, many allow you to pair them with your favorite wigs to create a variety of looks with just one base realistic mask. A vast inventory of realistic-looking masks is available on eBay.