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About Real Butterfly

Looking for a gift for the Lepidopterist in your life? Even if you have no clue that that is a person who studies butterflies, you might enjoy a collectible piece containing a real butterfly. These flying masterpieces are beautiful to look at in nature, and you can bring the outdoors in with some lovely framed butterflies. These are available in several frame styles and colors, but the true beauty is in the taxidermied real butterfly behind the glass. Choose from the brightly colored Blue Peruvian Morpho or the Great Zebra from Thailand. You are sure to find one that strikes your fancy. Framed individually or in groups, this is real butterfly art at its best. In addition to standard frames, you can also find real butterflies encased in acrylic or preserved in glass. Reliable sellers on eBay have a vast selection for you to choose from, and these make a great gift for someone else or for yourself, even if you are not a Lepidopterist.

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