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About Re-ment

Seemingly forever on the forefront of technology, the Japanese maintain this tradition even in a field as seemingly trivial as toys. The Re-Ment Company, taking its name from an abbreviation for "reform the entertainment," takes this message to heart, basing its entire business plan on innovating new ways to play and interact with the world. Taking the popularity of the classic Easy Bake Oven and combining it with a beloved cultural mascot resulted in both the Hello Kitty Re-ment Bakery and a series of Disney-themed cooking sets as well. Re-ment does not limit itself to matters strictly of the kitchen, however, as Re-ment furniture is a miniaturized series of household appliances and fixtures that spans every room of the house and is available in a number of styles and colors to suit the tiny decorator's needs. To keep abreast of the evolution of entertainment these items, as well as the Re-Ment other visionary products, are available from reliable sellers on eBay.

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