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About RC4WD

RC4WD is a company that specializes in high-end parts for remote control 4WD vehicles, specifically those that look like the ferocious monster trucks that thrill audiences in arenas around the country. Browse the vast inventory on eBay to get a fully assembled 4WD RC buggy that has front and rear spring shocks, plus a light kit to help your beloved model get noticed on a crowded track during nighttime competitions. Some are powered with rechargeable batteries so you can always have enough juice to get your buggy to the finish line as quickly as possible. Alternatively, opt for an electric 4WD RC truck that runs smoothly on uneven terrain, whether you take it on a sandy beach or a gravel path. Suit up your miniature truck and equip it with soft rubber tires that have a tough off-road tread for a secure grip. Additionally, a remote with electronic speed controls helps you accelerate and slow down a vehicle from a distance with better precision. No matter what you are looking for, RC4WD products are a sure bet towards remote control 4WD enjoyment.

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