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About RC Submarines

Ballast tanks empty, periscopes withdraw, and torpedoes trace paths of agitated water toward their doomed targets, but this is all happening in a swimming pool. An RC submarine is a remote controlled submersible capable of doing much of what real submarines do, largely because they both operate along the same mechanical principles. A micro RC submarine takes on and purges water with its ballast tanks in order to sink or ascend, and it moves by propeller power and with the guidance of a rudder system. With a remote control in hand you can direct the operations of your mini RC submarine as you haunt the waters of your swimming pool and terrorize remote controlled boats just trying to make an honest living in the shipping business. These submarines have more complex controls than typical RC vehicles and are a good fit for enthusiastic adult hobbyists or for older children looking to branch out into more complicated mechanical waters. You can get your own RC submarine in the vast inventory of remote-controlled vehicles found on eBay.

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