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About RC Rock Crawler

Climbing up hills of sliding shale and cannonballing off of stone ramps to bounce off the rocks below, this is an RC car that can take a beating. The RC Rock Crawler is a rugged remote-control vehicle with oversized tires and a robust suspension system perfectly suited to tough terrain. The RC Rock Crawler body is compact and durable. The batteries and motor are housed inside removable sheathing, which prevents dust and particulate contamination while also protecting against sudden impacts. RC Rock Crawler parts are ruggedly made from tough plastic and aluminum, and many components are rubberized for added durability. The tires on these remote-control vehicles are made thick and designed to grip with large treads. It is not uncommon to send these cars scuttling up forbidding surfaces and slides of scree or stone. Gravel poses no challenge to a Crawler, either, so do not be afraid to charge your vehicle into the dust and dirt. You can find a huge range of RC Rock Crawlers among the vast inventory on eBay.

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