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About RC Drift Car

It may not be practical for you to buy a sports car like the ones in the movies, but it has never been easier to have your own set of RC drift cars. Drifting is also called counter-steering because the front wheels are often pointing in the opposite direction of the turn. The practice is not only on display in street racing but is a professional motorsport as well. While radio controlled cars have been around for a while, there are newer models based on those cool cars you have admired from television and film. Now you can own one that takes to those corners just like the full-sized vehicle. Browse through the large selection of RC drift cars and electric drift cars in 1:10 or 1:24 scale available on eBay. Some models come with rechargeable batteries so you can keep the fun going for hours on end. Find versions that look just like their full-sized cousins, including kitted-out Hondas and Nissans as well as dream racers like Lamborghinis. If you want to add a more personal touch, pick up a car kit and build it your way. And if you need parts to sweeten your ride, there are many different wheel types, lighting systems, and car chassis available.

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