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About RC Construction

Construction equipment is fascinating for kids of all ages, from toddlers to adults who never got over their love of big machines. If this sounds like someone you know, RC construction equipment may make a great gift. There are all kinds of different construction vehicles available in miniaturized RC — remote control — format, from backhoes and dump trucks to bulldozers and hydraulic excavators. There are even some remote controlled construction cranes on the market for those who like to build toy skyscrapers in their free time. This miniaturized construction machinery is built to look exactly like the real article, with bright yellow truck bodies and lots of huge black tires. Some of these toys are even decorated with decals that make them look like scale models of a real construction machine, including brand name signage. Depending on what kind of machine you buy, the remote control may have the capability to control not only the movement of the vehicle itself, but also the operation of the scoop or lift parts. There is a vast inventory of RC construction toys on eBay, making it easy to pick and choose the right toys for your favorite construction enthusiast.