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About Razors

In times past, barbershops served as a gathering place for men to get a haircut, a shave, and gossip. Counters were lined with tonics, creams, and of course the classic razor. Men would sit in a leather chair, the smell of tobacco filled the air, and the barber shaved men's beards with a straight razor. You can still find these vintage razors from reliable sellers on eBay. Some of the antique options include safety razors in a container. By keeping your razor in a container, you preserve the sharp edge while traveling, or when storing in your medicine cabinet. If you plan to use the antique style, make sure you purchase accessories such as the cream brush. When collecting classic razors to put on display, you can find ones that are new in the box or gently used. While classic barbershops may slowly be coming back as a place for men to socialize while being groomed, you can remember these times gone by with your own collectible razor.