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About Raytheon

The warm, clean music flowing from a vintage stereo fills the room with the classic sounds of the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, when Raytheon tubes were found in the interiors of radios, televisions, amps, and other electronics. While a vintage sound system fills the heart of the audiophile with a lust for the perfect renditions of songs from his old-school vinyl collection, a blown tube is a disaster until he locates a replacement. Dedicated audiophiles and vintage Raytheon radio and television fans turn to reliable sellers on eBay for replacement Raytheon tubes, depending on the clear photographs, detailed descriptions, and convenient shipping options to locate the exact tubes needed to repair their beloved electronics. Whether you are searching for gently used equipment or new-old stock, sellers on eBay have it all. In addition to replacement tubes, you may find original Raytheon TVs, radios, manuals, advertisements, and other memorabilia, allowing new enthusiasts of vintage electronics to add to their collections.