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About Raymond Weil Parsifal

A valiant quest, a noble goal, a timeless story — the Raymond Weil Parsifal collection offers a design aesthetic that mirrors the noble values of the titular hero from Richard Wagner's opera, "Parsifal," a knight questing to find the Holy Grail. It stays true to the design of early models, preserving the elegant curves that have made the collection so popular with men and women, while also providing useful features such as an automatic chronograph and date function. Much more than a purely functional item, a Parsifal wristwatch is a thing of beauty, as desirable as the Grail itself. Each piece combines refined materials, including diamond, rose gold, and mother of pearl, to create a luxurious and sophisticated feel. The faces are sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment, and bracelets are available in stainless steel and leather. However, while holding true to the pure design aesthetics of early models, the Parsifal has moved with the times, and newer models feature rounded outlines and other aesthetic refinements for a contemporary feel that is distinctive and bold. Finding your own Raymond Weil Parsifal watch does not have to be an epic quest. The sellers on eBay have a wide selection of new and used designer watches to suit all tastes.