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About Raychem

Just because you do not see it does not mean the information traveling through your wires is not fragile under the wrong conditions. Raychem has built its reputation on making the best wires and cables in the industry. A set of Raychem heat cables and shrinking tubes is no exception to that rule. The Raychem DR-25 offers the flexibility and abrasion resistance expected of Raychem, and it comes in whatever length you need, whether you have a twenty foot line to run or two hundred feet of cable to get from point A to point B securely. Raychem cables and wires are made with radiation chemistry to shrink wrap its tubes, a method invented by and for the company that customers now enjoy the spoils of. The elastomeric material for these cables holds up exceptionally well to extreme heat and fluids. Each item is available with reliable shipping options from trusted sellers on eBay. Once you have laid your line with Raychem, you can trust that it will keep the data, power, or other information moving steadily for years to come.