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About Ray Ban Black Aviator

You idolized Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" as a teenager, and Ray-Ban black aviator sunglasses are still your signature look. When the time comes to add a new pair to your collection, you count on Ray-Ban to create timeless styles that look good with everything. Although Tom Cruise definitely added to their popularity, aviator sunglasses actually became one of Ray-Ban's staple products in the mid-1930s. Inspired by the sunglasses worn by pilots and members of the Air Force, Ray-Ban aviators feature large, teardrop-shaped lenses and thin frames. Most of the models available among the large inventory on eBay feature the logo of the company on the left arm and on the metal attached to the nose pad. The Ray-Ban black aviator frame is metal, and the lenses come in a variety of colors, including crystal green, crystal brown, and black. Ray-Ban black aviator polarized sunglasses offer complete eye protection from damaging rays and also cause less eyestrain. With an iconic pair of Ray-Ban black aviator sunglasses, you can protect your eyes as you channel your inner Tom Cruise.