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About Ratchets

You are on the search for the ideal birthday gift for your father who has only told you he wanted new tools, including a new ratchet. You thought that you caught a break and that you could easily find a tool that fit this description, buy it, and forget about it. You may even end up with the best gift out there for your dad. That is until you realize just how many product options really exist. If you cannot tell the difference from a 1/4 ratchet and a 3/4 ratchet, it may be best to do some searching for product options available from the reliable sellers on eBay. This tool, also called a socket wrench, allows movement of a screw in only one direction. You can impress your dad by describing how it works, using the law of the lever as a concept. On the other hand, it may be best to purchase an entire ratchet set so that he gets all of the tools he needs. You know he is going to use those tools to make repairs on your car again anyway; guess it is worth spending a bit extra for good old dad.