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About Rasta Hats

The sound of native son Bob Marley singing along with the sound of steel drums, the crash of waves on beautiful beaches, and the smell of jerked chicken wafting across your lounge chair all tell your senses you have finally made it to Jamaica. The prevalence of Rastafarian adherents, with their elaborately dreadlocked hair and colorful Rasta hats are another clue. Rasta hats are popular with adherents of the Rastafarian way of life as a way to manage and contain their dreads, gathering them up into the basket-shaped hats for convenience and support. Rasta-style fitted hats hug snugly by the brim to the crown of the head, with the surplus material forming a rounded, stretchable basket of material for holding the dreads. Rasta crochet hats usually sport the national colors of Jamaica, which are red, yellow, green, and black, and they are typically presented in as ribbons of color, although patterns like cannabis leaves, stars, or other shapes are occasionally seen. Find a vast selection of Rastafarian items like Rasta hats on eBay, in a variety of styles and patterns.