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About Rapala

Providing the fishing community with comprehensive, high quality lures since 1936, Rapala has continually produced a range of precise, hand-tuned, and tested fishing lures that has given many anglers around the world the success that they desire, no matter where they fish. Since this includes everything from deep-sea lures to swimmers to baitfish lures, the company has utilized innovative technologies and research to create lures that mimic the movements and actions of prey fish, effectively attracting large predators with more confidence than many other manufacturers on the market can. Furthermore, many of these lures feature premium black-nickel VMC hooks, which elicit a strong and secure hook into the mouth of the fish and reducing false snags. Due to the widespread popularity of these lures, it can be quite difficult to find the right lures for you at most sporting goods outlet stores, but with a quick trip to eBay, you can discover your own Rapala lot, Rapala DT, or any other high-quality fishing lures in pristine condition. You can give your fishing game the strength and power that it deserves by utilizing Rapala lures for your next big catch.

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