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About Randy Moss

Does the name Randy Moss ring any bells? It should, as he's the holder of several NFL records. Of course, if you're a football fan, you know this. For any fan of the famed wide receiver, collectibles and apparel is on the mind, like a Randy Moss jersey. Moss started his NFL career in 1998, and kept going for a staggering 14 seasons before he retired to well-deserved rest in 2012. As of 2014, he holds the single-season touchdown reception record, and he's second all-time with 156 regular season touchdowns receptions. And of course, he got to the top the American way, by starting at the bottom and working upward with hard work and raw talent. He had his ups and downs, but a real fan appreciates the memorabilia on offer from reliable eBay sellers. Look for items like jerseys, cards, and many other collectibles, some with a Randy Moss autograph, to display and wow your friends with. Liven up your shrine to football and be the envy of your buddies.