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About Rancor

Claws clenching, a hungry, vicious mouth, and a monstrous height—you remember the first time you saw Jabba's Rancor in the original Star Wars films. Like many characters from the series, the Rancor lives on vividly in fans' imaginations, and they still seek out this character in figurine form for their film and Star Wars collections. A vintage Rancor manufactured in the 1980s can make a great addition to a Star Wars set, while the Lego version may be more appropriate for younger fans. Complete Lego sets that replicate Jabba's lair with the monster are also available. A similar creature skulks through the fantasy world of the Magic: The Gathering game, and features in trading cards and sets from this popular fantasy series. Whether you are an avid MTG player or a fan of the original Star Wars series, you can find a Rancor collectible or product to your liking by looking through the listings on offer from eBay's reliable sellers. You may not want to walk into the Rancor's lair, but inviting him into your own home is a whole other story.