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About Ralph Lauren V Neck T-Shirts

The polo shirt is as iconic as blue jeans, and the Ralph Lauren V neck polo is the cream of the crop. There?s something alluring about a man in a fitted v neck polo and a pressed pair of khakis. They radiate cool confidence and independence. Perhaps the 100 percent cotton lends itself to making the polo shirt comfortable and easy to move in. In the colder months, the guys can trade in their short sleeved polo shirts for a V neck sweater made from 100 percent cashmere. These lightweight sweaters lend themselves perfectly for layering, so you never feel too cold or too warm. When you wear Ralph Lauren V neck shirts, the ladies will appreciate your sophisticated style. Did you know that there are so many colors available on eBay, you could fill your entire closet with Ralph Lauren V neck polos, sweaters, and shirts, and still have colors left over. Color is the one of the best ways to express your personality, after all.