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About Ralph Lauren Black Label

It was the late 1960s when a man was beating down the pavement to sell his assortment of ties to the business up-and-comers in the Bronx—the term "Ralph Lauren Black Label" not even on his radar. Today, Ralph Lauren Black Label is part of a multibillion-dollar industry that embodies every facet of the American dream and every facet of the American lifestyle. Traditional Italian tailoring with a sleek structure and elegant fabric selection that is durable enough to withstand any lifestyle or attend any event inspires the Ralph Lauren Black Label. The Black Label offers a more contemporary appeal over the traditional Purple Label. The wardrobe ranges from formal to casual wear for both men and women, with a more contemporary and affordable price point. And with eBay's convenient shipping options on new Ralph Lauren Black Label items, you never have to limit yourself to just one selection from this upscale brand. Pair an iconic Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere sweater with Ralph Lauren Black Label jeans, and you get that much closer to your own American dream.