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About Rainbow Vacuums

Seeing a rainbow arc across the sky is an age-old sign of a world that is clean and refreshed, and manufacturers build a Rainbow vacuum to do exactly the same for your home. Unlike other vacuums, the Rainbow uses a water-based filtration system, suspending dirt, scents, and allergens safely in the onboard water tank so you can flush them all away after every use. The Rainbow E2 vacuum combines the practicality of a canister vacuum with water filtration so you never have to worry about dust blasting out of the vacuum bag the moment you turn it on. Check the reliable sellers on eBay for the Rainbow vacuum that best fits your need or just to pick up a replacement hose for your trusty E-series. Wash the air that goes through your vacuum, do not just transfer dust from floor to air and call it good. With Rainbow, the dust never settles back on your carpet; it stays in the vacuum so you can wash it away.