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About Rainbow Topaz

Although they look as though they are fit for a fairy princess with glittering facets of so many hues, you do not have to visit enchanted worlds to find the magical rainbow topaz. These gems are not naturally occurring, however. They are made from white topaz and coated with minerals that give them their multicolored sparkle. Like moonstones and opals, these gems have a magical air, and some believe they hold healing properties. Often referred to as fire topaz or mystic rainbow topaz, a sterling silver rainbow topaz ring is a great gift for that spiritual someone in your life. More practically, these gems go with nearly any outfit because of their ability to enhance and reflect the colors you wear. With their flashing facets of blue, green, and purple, they are sure to be a favorite for little girls, too. Add a little magic to your life with rainbow topaz jewelry from the large inventory of new and used pieces offered by trusted sellers on eBay.