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About Rainbow Brite

Bringing smiles and sunshine to the lives of children and families since 1983, Rainbow Brite served as one of the most memorable toys of the 1980s. Manufactured by Mattel, the doll also starred in a popular television series of the same name. As many fans know, Rainbow Brite was formerly Wisp, until she was able to bring color to a colorless land with her horse, Starlite, who makes sure all know that he is the most magnificent horse in the land. The show featured a focus on teaching lessons, but also had a fun storyline that children enjoyed. All the characters, including the color kids and sprites, wore bright colors and had even brighter personalities. Because of this, little girls loved decorating their room with Rainbow Brite items, including everything from bedding to plush toys. Search the vast inventory on eBay to find the memorabilia to recreate the Sphere of Light and turn your colorless land into one boasting rainbows, bright colors, and a handful of optimism.