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About Railroad Signals

Chugging along the railway dates back as far as the mid-1800s. A railway is traveled conveniently and safely with the assistance of a strategically placed railroad signal. Railways are used by trains to transport heavy loads that range from livestock to coal across the world. For each directional change on a track, a railroad sign is controlled by conductors to prevent trains from colliding. Railroad signals vary according to their purpose and location. There are three main types of signals: American, Continental, and British. An antique railroad signal typically features phantom aspects meaning that light is captured by the sun, and then reflected and refracted to shine a particular color. Position and color light signals use an advanced code that combines the lighting and actual positioning of the light to communicate signals of red, yellow, or green. A North American railroad light turns on electrically and conveys recommended speeds and route information. There is no worldwide guide or requirements for railroad signs thus a variety of signals are used around the world. Browse the vast inventory of railway signals on eBay for railway collections, miniature train tracks, and more.