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About Raggedy Ann Costumes

Raggedy Ann, the whimsical story book character doll, is the inspiration behind the Raggedy Ann costume. The costumes have the doll's clothing with a blue dress, white pinafore, red and white striped stockings, ruffled bloomers, and bright red yarn hair tucked underneath a white mop cap. These costumes are popular with both children and adults. Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes are ideal for couples at Halloween or costume parties. Raggedy Andy, the storybook brother of Raggedy Ann, has a costume with blue pants that come to mid-calf, a red checked shirt with knotted tie, red and white striped stockings, and the same bright red yarn hair as his sister with a white sailor hat. Paint your face with rosy red cheek dots, red lips, and a dab on the end of your nose to complete your Raggedy Ann costume. The little ones can get in on the fun with a Raggedy Ann Baby Costume, available in infant and toddler size. The infant costume consists of a bunting dress with a white pinafore and a hat and wig combination to keep your baby snug. You can find a vast inventory of Raggedy Ann costumes on eBay.