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About Raggedy Ann

Originally created for one girl, Raggedy Ann won over the hearts of millions since mass production in the 1910s. Johnny Gruelle originally crated Raggedy Ann for his daughter, merging two popular poems: "Little Orphant Annie" and "The Raggedy Man." He later published a sequel featuring her brother, Raggedy Andy, creating a dynamic duo over the years. Since 1920, a variety of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls has come about, with some becoming quite rare over the years. For instance, Toy Co. created an exposition doll for less than a year, making it extremely rare. Luckily, a vast inventory on eBay helps you find these rare objects and more. After all, far from what Gruelle first imagined, Raggedy Ann became a line of books and toys over the years. It has extended from dolls to everything imaginable, even including apparel and decorative items such as ornaments. From helping to keep children occupied for hours to serving as an iconic American figure, Raggedy Ann continues to live on in the hearts and homes of many.