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About Rado

The Swiss are most known for a few things: chocolate, bank accounts, and watches. Rado, among the highly lauded of the latter category, is known for its scratchproof watches, which use an alloy that the company calls “hardmetal.” This, along with the clean and modern design aesthetic, means even vintage watches can look brand new. Whether you buy new or old, timepieces from this brand are the kind that you can be proud to pass down from one generation to the next. The Diastar, the first model the company made when transitioning from manufacturing movements to becoming a full-blown watchmaker, debuted in 1957. It introduced the world to Rado’s high-tech ceramic metal, which popular styles like the Ceramica continue to do. Discerning watch shoppers can find antiques as well as nearly new and authentic styles from reliable sellers on eBay. Wearing or gifting a Rado lets you skip the obnoxious bling. Instead, impress people with your good taste and understanding of quality.